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“No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure.”
Paul Oxton

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American Pine Marten & Gray Jay - Evening Grosbeak & Red Fox

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Introduction by Adirondack Drone
An introduction to the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge by Adirondack Drone

Emaciated, Mangy 4 year old black bear sowAfter 3 months in RehabBarnabelle and her cubs released

Barnabelle Bear and her cubs, click on any of the photos for Release video

Barnabelle, a 4 year old sow, came to us starving and mangy in September a few years back. We used antibiotics to fix the parasites, and packed 90 pounds on her in 3 months, after which Barnabelle became pregnant in November (read about delayed implantation at Bears ), and delivered two cubs in January, after which she and the cubs were released in May.

Kayla Hanczyk

The Kayla Hanczyk Memorial Learning Center, by Mountain Lakes PBS

How wolves helped Humans enable civilization
How Wolves Helped Humans Create Dogs and Enable Civilization.
the whole presentation, by Steve Hall, by Jason Pare.

Red Fox presentation by Jason Pare
Pippin the Red Fox, by Jason Pare

Derek Muirden of Mountain Lakes PBS

A visit to the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge by Derek Muirden of Mountain Lakes PBS

Great Bear Escape
The Great Bear Escape, March 2019.
The bears went exploring for 2 weeks, and then Luvey, the brown phase black bear, followed  Hanna and Steve home, 4 miles through the woods. 2 days later, Ahote, the black phase black bear, followed Hanna and Caroline 1 mile home to the Wildlife Refuge.

Endangered Species Act with Defenders of Wildlife
Endangered Species Act with Defenders of Wildlife
Tara Miller of Defenders, and Wendy Hall of Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

Wolves Howling Habitat Awareness Day 2016
Adirondack Habitat Awareness Day 2016, our wolves howling

Kiska and Steve at Winter Raptor Fest
Kiska with Steve and Alex at Winter Raptor Fest- "the Mammoth Steppe", 2016

Bull Moose Browsing in Algonquin Park, Dec 2014
Bull Moose browsing in snow storm, Algonquin Park Dec 2014 by Steve Hall

Wendy feeding Escher the Great Blue Heron
Wendy feeding "Escher" the Great Blue Heron,
who was rehabbed and released at the Wildlife Refuge and would return every Spring and Fall to say "Hi".

Alex waits while the boys discuss politicsWendy and Steve Hall by StaceyAlex Hall and Hanna Cromie, general managersCree howls, listens for response
Alex, Zeebie and Cree; Co-owners and co-founders Wendy and Steve Hall, by Stacey; Alex Hall and Hanna Cromie, general managers, Cree howls, waits for response, with Steve

“The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird symbolizes the strength and freedom of America. But as latter-day citizens we shall fail our trust if we permit the eagle to disappear.”
John F. Kennedy

Coyote. Coywolf


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